Frequently Asked Questions

  • Que-1 : How is the Spas shell made?

    Aqua Pulse Spas source the world’s best materials to build our spas.  We start by using American made acrylic sheets which we vacuum form in a mould shaping the spa.  From there we strengthen the acrylic mould with fibreglass layers.  The fibreglass is bonded to the acrylic using vinyl ester resin which is essential to ensure the strongest bond between the acrylic and the fibreglass is made.  From here we cure the acrylic and fibreglass shell in a humidity controlled oven which greatly improves the bond between the fiberglass and the acrylic.  In short our process makes one tough spa shell. 

  • Que-2 : What is the Spas frame made from?

    Aqua Pulse Spas use STAINLESS STEEL STRUCTURAL FRAMES.  All of our spas structural frames are produced from computer welded stainless steel.  The stainless steel structural frame offers a couple of advantages over the traditional timber structural frame.

     1                     The stainless steel structural frame will not rot from the sweat created by the running pumps of the spa.  This means you will not have to flip the spa over in ten years’ time to rebuild the structural frame from damage caused from the timber sweating.

    2                     The stainless steel frame also provides us with a great platform to locate the spas computer and pumps onto.  What that means is that if your spas was to fail and leak you never have to worry about your equipment being destroyed from sitting in the leaking water.  Most of the traditional spas which are made from a timber frame will have the equipment either straight on the floor of the spa or on a timber board which can be affected by the spa leaking which could lead to equipment failure.


  • Que-3 : What material is the Spas cabinet made from?

    Aqua Pulse Spas offer both maintenance free UV stabilised synthetic cabinets and real cedar wood cabinets.  We have selected these material as they are the most suited products for an external application.  The synthetic cabinets require no ongoing maintenance, just a quick wipe over every now and then.  The cedar cabinet will require a wipe over every now and again with some decking oil to maintain the rich cedar colour or you can also simply allow them to weather to a beautiful silver grey.

  • Que-4 : Are the Spas insulated for energy efficiency?

    Aqua Pulse Spas can offer you any level of insulation you require for your spa, as we are the manufacturer we can customize your spas insulation to meet your requirements.  You can choose from the spas fiberglass base being insulated, the spas cabinet being insulated or the spas shell sprayed with foam.  Select one or all three, insulation is a great way to minimize the running cost of your spa as it will lock in the heat produced from the spas pumps and will greatly lower the heating costs of the spa.

  • Que-5 : How are the lockable hardcovers made?

    Aqua Pulse Spas hardcovers are built with tapered foam inserts which allows for rain to run off the cover.  We seal the heat retaining foam in a waterproof inner then it is covered with marine grade vinyl outer.  Our cover will save energy by minimizing the heat lost from the spas water and are key lockable for peace of mind.


  • Que-6 : Should I buy a Spa with a fibreglass base?

    Aqua Pulse Spas start from the ground up with quality; all of our spas are manufactured on a solid weatherproof fiberglass base.  When buying a spa this is one of the most important features which can be overlooked by spa buyers.  A good fiberglass base will weather proof your spas frame keeping it from being exposed to water and pests which can damage the frame and eventually lead to costly repairs.  Many spas sold in Australia are sold either with no base or a thin ABS base which does not enclose the spas frame at all leaving your investment unprotected from weather and pests.

  • Que-7 : Are the Spas control equipment reliable?

    Aqua Pulse Spas demand reliability when it comes to the spa touch pad, control system and heaters.  We have teamed up with the world’s oldest and most reliable manufacturer to supply these parts.  Our Deluxe, Luxury and Prestige spas are all fitted with American made Balboa touch pads, control systems and heaters.  It’s hard to look past proven quality and reliability.

  • Que-8 : What is the best pump configuration for a Spa?

     Aqua Pulse Spas install a small single speed pump to run our spas filtration and heating cycles.  We then use a separate single speed pump/s for the spas massage jets.  We have selected this configuration over two-speed pumps which perform all the tasks of filtering, heating and running the spas massage jets.  The smaller single speed pump supplies excellent filtration for a low cost, it’s also whisper quiet.  There’s nothing worse than a two-speed pump starting its filtration cycle on high speed and waking you up in the middle of the night.  Our massage pumps are also single speed and we have a range of options from single massage pumps to multiple massage pumps for therapy.  By using separate single speed pumps for filtration and massage we increase the life of the pump as it is only asked to do one job not two or three.  We also offer spas with air blowers for essential oil aroma therapy, select from a range of different fragrances to create the perfect spa experience.

  • Que-9 : Should I buy a Spa which has ozone?

    Aqua Pulse Spas wants you to enjoy your spa and not be stuck with an expensive chemical program.  To prevent you from having to buy excessive amounts of chemicals we include ozone water sanitizers on all of our spas, the ozone water sanitizer will greatly reduce the running cost of your spa by reducing the chemicals required to sanitize the water.  It’s a great product which will help keep your spas water crystal clear.

  • Que-10 : What material is the Spas plumbing made from?

    Aqua Pulse Spas manufacture all of our spas with flexible PVC plumbing which is specifically made to handle the mix of heated water and chemicals.  Whether you sanitize your Aqua Pulse Spa with the Poppits chlorine free programme or a lithium chlorine programme you can rest assured that the spas plumbing will stand the test of time.  The other great thing about flexible PVC plumbing is that it will always be kink free so you never loose water pressure and it won’t vibrate like solid PVC which means less wear and tear on the spas pumps.

  • Que-11 : What are the differences between Spa jets?

    Aqua Pulse Spas insist on quality when it comes to our jets.  We only use jets which screw into the spas jet housing rather than jets which have two clips locking the jet into the spas housing.  Installing screw in jets allows our customers the ability to relocate the jets inside the spa and create a unique massage without the risk of breaking the jets which is very common with the clip in style jets.  All of our spas come with a mixture of maintenance free massage jets and our pulsating jets are self-cleaning, it doesn’t get any better.

  • Que-12 : Do the Spas come with lights?

    Aqua Pulse Spas can offer you the ultimate spa lighting and waterfall experience.  Choose from LED lights around the spas perimeter, LED lights under the water or LED lights inside waterfalls.  Our light packages are all multi-coloured and you can select different colours to display or if you are in the mood to party you can select party mode.