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When you purchase your new winter hot tub from Aqua Pulse Spas, you are also purchasing a cooling spa for summer. Our versatile set and forget heating system allows your portable spa to operate at optimal temperature in every season to ensure you have the best relaxation tool right at home. Our energy efficient spas also have an insulated hardcover that will keep the warmth or cool in, creating less stress on the heating system and a constant temperature kept so you can enjoy the relaxation and restoration of the water flowing through the jets in comfort.


Using the warming jet flow provides your body with a chance to warm up and rejuvenate with the jets having the ability to modulate speed of delivery and pressure of the water at the touch of a button, you can adjust the settings to suit your requirements. Circulation is a big bonus with our spas, as we get older or lead a more sedentary lifestyle our bodies aren’t always performing at their best. The use of our massaging jets in our therapy spas has had proven results for many users for both therapy and just general wellbeing. By increasing the blood flow, muscles will ache less, joints will become more easily flexible and a feeling of general wellbeing will be promoted with regular spa use.


By maintaining the water with regular spa shock after heavy use and keeping the filter clean and free from debris, a portable spa is the perfect way to unwind and restore during winter in a hot tub built to last with a stainless steel frame and equipment mounting station to keep the electrical elements up off the ground avoiding erosion.  We deliver Australia wide and have teamed with freight contractors to bring you the best prices on delivery either to a depot or to your door in all metropolitan and regional areas.  Call us today (07) 3208 4625.


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Winter Relaxation – Increase Your Blood Flow with a Portable Sauna – Brisbane

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With the cooler months closing in, finding ways to relax and still enjoy our climate isn’t always easy. At Aqua Pulse Spas we have an extensive range of saunas and our portable spas with inbuilt set and forget heating that allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our massage technology, in a temperature to suit the environment.  Our Byron 2 and 4 person portable saunas are a popular choice for winter and the cooler months, with a simple plug in to a standard home power point, they can be installed inside your home so you can go from the warmth of the infrared technology to the comfort of your own home, with no chill in between. Using infrared technology in our saunas brings with it a number of benefits to the body, increased blood flow created when using a sauna helps organs to maintain natural health and sweating will rid the body of toxins that build through environmental factors and also what we consume in every day life. Enjoy the life changing benefits of increased circulation and a more restful sleep after using a portable sauna from Aqua Pulse Spas.

We recommend the use of our saunas from 3 to 4 times a week, for approximately half an hour, always consult with your health professional before using any method of therapy for existing conditions.  Not only will this give you deep relaxation time, but with the inbuilt aromatherapy shelf you can use a variety of either invigorating or relaxing scents to create ambience and use the stereo also built into the unit to enjoy your choice of music or meditation soundtrack to enhance your experience and allow your body to restore and repair in a time that you allocate to take a break from the world and rest.  With so many previously considered alternative therapies being used and coming into mainstream circles now, the benefits of our saunas have been known about for a long time. Steam therapy and sweat therapy allow the body to flush out toxins and help blood flow through muscles with ease due to the lack of stress on the physical body.

Call us today,  (07) 3208 4625, we have teamed with transport companies Australia wide to bring you the best delivery prices. Being located only half an hour from the Gold Coast and half an hour from Brisbane, we are easy to find on the Pacific Highway at Slacks Creek so come and see our full range on display today.

Byron 2 Seater Sauna
Byron 2 Seater Sauna
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Byron 4 Seater Sauna

Easing Arthritis with Hot Tub Spa Hydrotherapy – Portable Spas Brisbane

Spa Hydrotherapy

For thousands of years the use of hot springs for pain relief, relaxation and body rejuvenation has been popular. Thankfully we can now implement these features into a portable spa or hot tub to replicate the same life changing benefits in the comfort of your own surroundings. It is commonplace for many doctors to recommend the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub as part of your treatment program, with the natural buoyancy created in the weightless environment, pressure is relieved from joints and muscles allowing the pulsation of the warm water to stimulate blood flow to those areas requiring restoration.

While warm water alone is soothing to the muscles and will release tension associated with arthritis and similar conditions, using the inbuilt jets with variable speed to pulse water through at a rate that is suitable for the user will decrease the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Studies have shown that regular use of a hot tub or spa with inbuilt heating is an effective method of hydrotherapy showing improvement in many arthritis sufferers.

With a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas, our Australian design has been built with many of our spas containing targeted jets that can be adjusted to suit each user, allowing you to enjoy time with your family and choose the settings to suit everyone’s requirements. The positioning of our deep tissue massage jets are implemented to be at the perfect level to enhance the hydrotherapy benefits of the spa with the pressure flowing on common problem areas in the body. Call us today (07) 3208 4625 or visit our Slacks Creek showroom to see our full range on display. We’ll happily talk you through the best option for you. You can also shop online 24/7 with delivery available Australia wide.


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Spa Maintenance Program – Free Water Testing Slacks Creek – Brisbane

Water Testing Brisbane

A recommended maintenance system in crucial to your spa experience. When you purchase your new spa from Aqua Pulse Spas we will give you a step by step, easy to follow program to not only keep your spa water in top condition, but also the required procedures to ensure the longevity of your spa components.

It is highly important to follow the user manual and not use any products that could be potentially hazardous to the inner workings of your spa system. Maintaining the chemical levels with regular water testing and ensuring the balance is correct will help you avoid costly damage to the jets or possibly the surface area of the fibreglass moulded shell. With users often having cosmetics, perfumes, lotions or hair gels that tend to mix in with the water, or even just natural body oils and skin will create an environment prime for bacteria if not managed correctly. Regular use of spa shock after the spa has had a heavy period of use is recommended and does just that, shocks the spa and helps you to maintain healthy water chemical levels. At Aqua Pulse Spas we have free water testing at our Slacks Creek showroom and advice and products to assist you in getting your spa or pool water back to pristine condition and also maintaining it so you can enjoy your spa all year round.

Visit us today at 2/3333 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek. Call us on (07) 3208 4625, or shop online at –, we deliver Australia wide and also have free shipping on marked products orders over $99. It doesn’t get better than that!


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Free Shipping On Chemical & Parts Orders Over $99
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Quality Spa & Pool Parts

Portable Spa Therapy – Stress Relief – Relaxation – Negative Ions

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It’s commonly known that when most people purchase a new portable spa it is for fun or relaxation after a long day. What isn’t as highly focused on is the hydrotherapy and intense health benefits not only relating to muscle and joint repair and restoration, but also the stress relief and therapeutic component. With the constant motion of water creating negative ions, using the pulsating jets in our range of Fun, Family, Therapy and Prestige spas can create the ideal environment to relieve stress and be an integral part of your mental health and well being. Negative ions commonly occur in nature near waterfalls or any body of water with a strong fluid motion, or after a rain storm. These negative ions are replicated with the motion of the water pushed through or jets and may be of great benefit to those suffering fatigue or general ill health from a restorative point of view.

Often with the stress of everyday life we don’t often take time out to give ourselves the relaxation we need to keep balance in our lives, with a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas, it’s easy to keep your spa at optimal temperature for year round enjoyment, and feel the stress relief and restoration for both body and mind. Contact us today on (07) 3208 4625 for delivery in your area and begin to enjoy the life changing therapy benefits of a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas. We are located south of Brisbane, with immediate delivery available to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and right across Australia.


Hydrotherapy Brisbane
Hydrotherapy Brisbane
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Relax in a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas

Why Does My Spa Have a Mouldy, Musty Smell? – Free Water Testing Brisbane

free water testing

There can be a number of reasons why your spa has developed a slightly ‘musty’ or ‘mouldy’. The first step in the process of eliminating potential reasons is to have your water checked. At Aqua Pulse Spas we offer free water testing so just bring in a sample and we’ll make sure that isn’t the problem. Because a spa is a quite often warm and moist environment, spending most of its time sealed with a hardcover, it can be an ideal environment for bacteria. This is eliminated by keeping the water chemistry in balance and ensuring your water is kept clean and maintained as recommended.

After checking the water, and correcting any chemical balance issues, if the smell still persists, check your spa cover and give it a thorough cleaning, if your spa has been neglected for any length of time this is also an area where bacteria can possible build up. The next area to check for the same reasons is your filter, build up of debris and bacteria can also cause the spa to emit an unpleasant odour if not maintained correctly. Clean it regularly with a filter cleaner to avoid bacteria build up and if your spa has not been maintained correctly for a significant length of time, we would recommend the filter is replaced, these are available for purchase easily online or at our Slacks Creek showroom.

We recommend regular use of Spa Shock, with users having different deodorants and moisturisers on their body, as well as hair products and natural body oils, it is important to regularly shock your spa. This does just that, shocks your spa and helps to keep the levels at a balanced point so the chances of the chemical balance being out are minimized.

It may be that you need to replace the water in the spa and start again with a recommended maintenance program. Call us today on (07) 3208 4625 or visit our Slacks Creek showroom, Michael, Sharyn and the team will be happy to test your water and troubleshoot any potential issues you may have with your spa water to keep in top condition.


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Spa Foundations – What To Consider When Buying A New Portable Spa?

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Your portable spa from Aqua Pulse Spas needs a good solid foundation supporting the entire base of the spa. The foundation on which your spa is positioned must be able to support the weight of the spa once at capacity with the required water level, and also take into consideration the weight of users. If the foundation is inadequate, uneven, or unable to hold the maximum weight, the spa may shift, this will cause stress to the shell which may lead to the moulded shell of the spa cracking, which will eventually form leaks and possibly render the spa unusable. Damage caused by an inadequate or improper foundation is not covered under warranty with our spas, so it is extremely important to consider the location your intend to place the spa prior to purchase.

A spa containing both water and people is extremely heavy, so if you plan to have it installed onto decking, a balcony or any other elevated structure it is critical that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that the area will support the total maximum weight of the spa.

Call us today if you have any questions relating to your new spa, our team at Aqua Pulse Spas are always happy to answer any questions you have, and point you in the right direction to ensure you are enjoying your new spa in no time. (07) 3208 4625, or visit our showroom at 2/3333 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek, QLD.

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Buy a new spa from Aqua Pulse Spas today.


Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an Aqua Pulse Spa.
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an Aqua Pulse Spa.

Why Use Spa Shock? – Spa Shock For Your Portable Spa Brisbane

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We recommend using spa shock once a week, when you have just refilled your spa with fresh water, or after a period of heavy use or multiple users being in and out of the spa. Shocking the spa over holiday periods when usage is higher will help keep your spa in optimal condition. Using spa shock regularly takes away most common issues with spa water chemistry that could easily be avoided if spa shock is added to the water correctly.

Essentially, spa shock is just that, a shock treatment to the water that instantaneously raises the sanitiser level of the water to kill off any potentially harmful and foreign bacteria present in the water. While it does not provide a long term cleanse of the water, it should only be used as required. We do not recommend the use of bleach or pool chlorine in your spa due to the erosive effect it can have on the spa jets.

At Aqua Pulse Spas, if customers who have purchased their spa from us in Brisbane or Australia wide leave us a review on our Facebook page or a Google review, we will send you a 1kg spa shock absolutely FREE! Review us on both and we’ll send you 2! Spa shock is the recommended way to keep your spa water in pristine condition for year round enjoyment!


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Quality Spa & Pool Parts