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Portable Spa Brisbane

Due to their versatility, our Aqua Pulse Spas portable spa pools are becoming very popular both in Brisbane, and Australia wide. With extensive features packed in to a size suitable for your specific location, our impressive range of Fun, Family, Therapy and Prestige spas have something for every lifestyle and requirement.  Our portable spas are made from quality, lightweight materials so that they can be moved to your preferred location and able to be relocated with ease, making them also the perfect choice for those in rental properties. Our Australian design based on over 30 years industry experience means we can provide the ultimate in cutting edge technology, teamed with features set up to ensure your comfort and relaxation while maintaining the quality of a spa that will last the distance. Our reinforced stainless steel frames provide the perfect structural support for our multi-layer heat set moulded interior, giving you years of enjoyment at the competitive prices we can provide with our ability to manufacture and hold a large amount of stock. Our versatile massage jets and multi-position pressure pulses mean our therapy rating across our range is suitable for those in recovery, or looking to ease pain or discomfort. Our easy to use touch pads provide a unique user experience that will result in optimal relaxation and comfort at the touch of a button.

With our new plug and play models, The Miami and Whitehaven, we really have opened the market for those who move more frequently or require the ability to relocate a spa without re-installation by an electrician. Contact us today on (07) 3208 4625 for a delivery quote, we have teamed with some of Australia’s leading transport companies to bring you the best prices for delivery Australia wide. Finance is also available, so talk to us today.

Miami Spa - Portable Spas Brisbane
Miami Spa – Portable Spas Brisbane
Whitehaven Spa - Portable Spas Brisbane
Whitehaven Spa – Portable Spas Brisbane

Luxury Spas – Buy Designer Spa Brisbane

Spa Brisbane

Our new Prestige spas are the latest addition to the Aqua Pulse Spas range. With spas being such a feature in many homes and a source of entertainment and outdoor enjoyment it made sense to enter the market with our new sleek, modern design. Comfort, quality and features have always been paramount with our Australian designed spas and we pull out all stops with our new Majestic Designer and Regency Designer spas. The clean lines and modular construction compliment any home and are perfect for year round enjoyment with inbuilt heating systems that can be controlled remotely via an app on your smartphone. The cooling jets will pump air through the water in summer to maintain the perfect temperature at all times. With our new Prestige spas we have really focused on the demand for high quality spas with a modern style that will suit designer homes and compliment and enhance landscaping to work with your desired look. You can read more about our range of spas online or call us on (07) 3208 4625, we also have our full range on display at our Slacks Creek showroom so talk to us today about delivery in your area, we deliver Australia wide and with our secondary warehouse located south of Brisbane, our spas area always in stock ready for immediate delivery. Read our reviews and know that you really are buying from the best when you purchase your new spa from Aqua Pulse Spas.

Designer Spa Brisbane
Designer Spa Brisbane
Designer Spa Brisbane
Designer Spa Brisbane

Moulded Spa Shell – Aqua Pulse Spas


At Aqua Pulse Spas we source and use only the highest quality materials for our entire range. Quality is our priority and with over 30 years experience in the spa industry, our all Australian designs feature the most durable and condition responsive components to ensure years of fun and relaxation ahead. We incorporate the use of American made thick acrylic sheets which are heated and then drawn into a mould forming the interior shape of the spa. We then strengthen the shell with fibreglass layers and bond the fibreglass to the acrylic using vinyl ester resin which is essential to remove air bubbles and form the strongest bond possible between the acrylic and the fibreglass. After this process the shell is cured in a humidity controlled industrial oven to reinforce the bond between the fibreglass layers and acrylic shell. Using this extensive process for the moulded shell of our spas guarantees that the installation of jets and lighting is seamless with a sturdy, strong base forming the platform for the luxury features that are part of our extensive spa range.

Quality Spa Shell
Spa Shell
Moulded Spa Shell

Aqua Pulse Spas – Balboa SpaTouch System with Wifi

Aqua Pulse Spas - Quality Jets

Our Prestige range of spas feature the American Balboa SpaTouch system to give you greater versatility when it comes to your spa and lifestyle.  Adjust the temperature of your spa remotely to enjoy a warm, cosy spa when you get home in winter, or set the temperature accordingly in summer. You can also use the one touch button to control your clean up cycle, meaning holidays and weekends away won’t require a visit from a spa maintenance specialist, your spa will be clean, and ready at optimal temperature when you arrive home.

Balboa touchpad systems are renowned worldwide for their quality and ingenuity when it comes to spa features, by including this system in our Australian designed spas, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the latest technology and features available on the market today. With ready support and easy to use functions within the programming, just download the app from the app store on your mobile device,sync with your spa and enjoy the ease and convenience of controlling your spa settings wherever you are.

Our full range of Prestige Spas with the American Balboa System are on display in our Slacks Creek showroom so call us today on (07) 3208 4625 or shop online 24/7 on our website.


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Regency Designer Spa – New Spa Brisbane
Majestic Designer Spa
Majestic Designer Spa – Prestige Spa Brisbane

Quality Portable Spas – Stainless Steel Frame

Quality Spas Brisbane

At Aqua Pulse Spas we use high quality durability tested STAINLESS STEEL STRUCTURAL FRAMES.

All of our spas structural frames are produced from computer welded stainless steel.  The stainless steel structural frame offers multiple advantages over the traditional timber structural frame.

The stainless steel structural frame will not break down or erode from the moisture created by the running pumps of the spa.  This means you will not have to pay expensive charges to have the spa completely rebuilt in ten years’ time to make the structural frame safe and free from damage caused from the timber sweating.

The stainless steel frame also provides us with a sturdy and solid platform to locate the spas computer and pumps onto.  What that means is that if your spas was to fail and leak you never have to worry about your equipment being destroyed from sitting in the leaking water.  Most of the traditional spas which are made from a timber frame will have the equipment either straight on the floor of the spa or on a timber board which can be affected by the spa leaking which could lead to equipment failure.

spa brisbane
Stainless Steel Frame
brisbane spa
Strong Structural Frame

Therapy Benefits – Your New Spa

New Therapy Spa

Hydrotherapy and heated water therapy are routinely used by physiotherapists and holistic practioners alike for pain management, to lower stress levels and also for those diagnosed with pain or movement restricting conditions. Immersion in warm water not only raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate which increases circulation, it also allows the body to heal and restore in a weightless environment with the natural buoyancy of the water taking the strain off aching muscles and joints. This minimizes swelling and stress on those areas increasing mobility.

Our full range of therapy spas are available online or you can see them on display in our Slacks Creek showroom.

Airlie Therapy Spa
Enjoy the benefits of our Airlie Therapy Spa.
Therapy Spa
Relax and Restore in a Therapy Spa.

Happy New Year – New Spa Brisbane

new spa brisbane

Happy New Year from the team at Aqua Pulse Spas!

With the December launch of our new range of plug and play spas the Miami and Whitehaven, we have had a very busy end to 2015. This range of spas do not require an electrician for installation, like our saunas, they simply plug in to a standard home power point. With pricing starting at $4999.00, our plug and play range of quality, Australian designed spas are budget friendly and are designed for all climates.
Our new prestige range of spas have also arrived, the Regency and Majestic Designer Spas are our top of the range, Australian designed spas for the discerning buyer. With multi-jet hydrotherapy jets teamed with multiple circulation massage pumps, these spas are where comfort meets luxury with ambience created in the inbuilt waterfall with inbuilt LED lighting for effect. This prestige range of spas is selling fast so call us today to secure yours, we deliver Australia wide.
We have also added the Bondi and Torquay and Noosa to the spa family here at Aqua Pulse Spas, again, these spas have been designed for the ultimate in comfort, packed full of features to ensure resort style living at home. Our spas all feature inbuilt heating, providing warmth and relaxation in winter, or cooling off in summer with variable temperature control.

Visit our Slacks Creek showroom to see our full range, or call us anytime on (07)  3208 4625, we would be happy to answer any questions.


new spa brisbane
Miami Spa – New Spa Brisbane
buy spa brisbane
Regency Designer Spa – New Spa Brisbane