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Using our Byron portable saunas for relaxation and to wind down after a busy day is an ideal way to also benefit from the therapy that the more passive way of raising your heart rate in the heated environment can offer. With the cooler months coming, the infrared technology of our two and four person saunas are the ideal way to relax in warmth and release toxins built up in the body through the sweating as a result of using our saunas. We recommend 20 – 25 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week to really feel the benefits of restful sweating process induced through this method of therapy.

Sweating in a sauna is highly effective for people with high blood pressure, seasonal affective disorder, muscle problems, aching joints and also high stress levels. It will detoxify the body of chemicals and pollutants we come into contact with in everyday life and is a much safer option than many supplements or alternate therapies. While correct diet and movement is also important for good health. Using our Byron saunas as part of your routine, will not only provide an allocated time for you to reflect and use mindfulness as a part of your day, but will allow your body to restore and your mind to rebalance. With inbuilt aromatherapy shelf and music player to play your favourites tunes, sit, relax and rejuvenate to relaxed music using scents like lavender to relax or lemongrass and mandarin to reinvigorate. Contact us today, we deliver Australia wide and our saunas simply plug in to an existing home power point, (07) 3208 4625.

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Byron 2 Seater Sauna
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