Winter Relaxation – Increase Your Blood Flow with a Portable Sauna – Brisbane

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With the cooler months closing in, finding ways to relax and still enjoy our climate isn’t always easy. At Aqua Pulse Spas we have an extensive range of saunas and our portable spas with inbuilt set and forget heating that allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our massage technology, in a temperature to suit the environment.  Our Byron 2 and 4 person portable saunas are a popular choice for winter and the cooler months, with a simple plug in to a standard home power point, they can be installed inside your home so you can go from the warmth of the infrared technology to the comfort of your own home, with no chill in between. Using infrared technology in our saunas brings with it a number of benefits to the body, increased blood flow created when using a sauna helps organs to maintain natural health and sweating will rid the body of toxins that build through environmental factors and also what we consume in every day life. Enjoy the life changing benefits of increased circulation and a more restful sleep after using a portable sauna from Aqua Pulse Spas.

We recommend the use of our saunas from 3 to 4 times a week, for approximately half an hour, always consult with your health professional before using any method of therapy for existing conditions.  Not only will this give you deep relaxation time, but with the inbuilt aromatherapy shelf you can use a variety of either invigorating or relaxing scents to create ambience and use the stereo also built into the unit to enjoy your choice of music or meditation soundtrack to enhance your experience and allow your body to restore and repair in a time that you allocate to take a break from the world and rest.  With so many previously considered alternative therapies being used and coming into mainstream circles now, the benefits of our saunas have been known about for a long time. Steam therapy and sweat therapy allow the body to flush out toxins and help blood flow through muscles with ease due to the lack of stress on the physical body.

Call us today,  (07) 3208 4625, we have teamed with transport companies Australia wide to bring you the best delivery prices. Being located only half an hour from the Gold Coast and half an hour from Brisbane, we are easy to find on the Pacific Highway at Slacks Creek so come and see our full range on display today.

Byron 2 Seater Sauna
Byron 2 Seater Sauna
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