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Repairing your pool or spa can be a costly and time consuming experience. Your first step in the process is to diagnose the problem, leading to a potentially lengthy and confusing experience for those with little knowledge in this area. At Aqua Pulse Spas we not only have Brisbane’s largest catalogue of pool and spa parts, we also offer advice and a critical diagnostic service by phone or appointment in the Brisbane and Logan area. Whether it’s repairing a clogged pump or troubleshooting an issue with your filter, our service technicians have the skills and advice to help you find a solution. We also provide free water testing, just bring in a sample and we will be happy to test and advise you on a maintenance program for your spa or pool to keep the water in pristine condition and ensure the longevity of your spa components.

With over 30 years experience, we have the knowledge you require to assist you in the maintenance and repair of you spa or pool and an extensive list of parts for easy purchase online or at our Slacks Creek showroom.


Free Water Testing
Free Water Testing
Spa Parts Brisbane
Spa Parts Brisbane

Aqua Pulse Spas – Balboa SpaTouch System with Wifi

Aqua Pulse Spas - Quality Jets

Our Prestige range of spas feature the American Balboa SpaTouch system to give you greater versatility when it comes to your spa and lifestyle.  Adjust the temperature of your spa remotely to enjoy a warm, cosy spa when you get home in winter, or set the temperature accordingly in summer. You can also use the one touch button to control your clean up cycle, meaning holidays and weekends away won’t require a visit from a spa maintenance specialist, your spa will be clean, and ready at optimal temperature when you arrive home.

Balboa touchpad systems are renowned worldwide for their quality and ingenuity when it comes to spa features, by including this system in our Australian designed spas, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the latest technology and features available on the market today. With ready support and easy to use functions within the programming, just download the app from the app store on your mobile device,sync with your spa and enjoy the ease and convenience of controlling your spa settings wherever you are.

Our full range of Prestige Spas with the American Balboa System are on display in our Slacks Creek showroom so call us today on (07) 3208 4625 or shop online 24/7 on our website.


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Regency Designer Spa – New Spa Brisbane
Majestic Designer Spa
Majestic Designer Spa – Prestige Spa Brisbane

Buying a Spa – Fibreglass Shell – Stainless Steel Base

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We take your decision to buy a spa as seriously as you do, quality manufacturing is our primary focus in the development, design and manufacture of our complete spa range. With our reinforced stainless steel frame, you are guaranteed a longer lifespan than the typical wooden framed designs sold elsewhere. These sturdy frames provide the support required to withstand use by multiple people and also a large volume of water being held in the moulded fibreglass base.

Our Fibreglass base really is designed and built to last the distance. High quality fibreglass means that your spa shell will also last much longer than other more cheaply manufactured shells. Our highgrade fibreglass provides a weather reflective surface protecting your spa from the elements and potential chemical breakdown, keeping it looking like new for years to come. An increasing volume of cheaply made spas with a thin ABS base are being sold and marketed as affordable, yet quickly deteriorate, leaving your source of fun and relaxation to become a stressful renovation job. Doing your research on the components of your spa is critical prior to making your purchase to ensure this isn’t something you’ll need to deal with a few years down the track.

At Aqua Pulse Spas we offer a warranty on all our spas, because we believe in the quality of what we sell. Talk to us today, and we can help you find a spa that will best suit your lifestyle.


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Years of fun for the whole family!
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Buy your new spa from Aqua Pulse Spas today.

Quality Portable Spas – Stainless Steel Frame

Quality Spas Brisbane

At Aqua Pulse Spas we use high quality durability tested STAINLESS STEEL STRUCTURAL FRAMES.

All of our spas structural frames are produced from computer welded stainless steel.  The stainless steel structural frame offers multiple advantages over the traditional timber structural frame.

The stainless steel structural frame will not break down or erode from the moisture created by the running pumps of the spa.  This means you will not have to pay expensive charges to have the spa completely rebuilt in ten years’ time to make the structural frame safe and free from damage caused from the timber sweating.

The stainless steel frame also provides us with a sturdy and solid platform to locate the spas computer and pumps onto.  What that means is that if your spas was to fail and leak you never have to worry about your equipment being destroyed from sitting in the leaking water.  Most of the traditional spas which are made from a timber frame will have the equipment either straight on the floor of the spa or on a timber board which can be affected by the spa leaking which could lead to equipment failure.

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Stainless Steel Frame
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Strong Structural Frame

Quality Budget Spas – Hydrotherapy Jets

Quality Screw In Spa Jets

At Aqua Pulse Spas we have a spa for every budget. Our quality Australian designed spas feature the latest technology with our touch pads to ensure seamless delivery of the extensive features with every use. Our Miami and Botany Class spas start the range, with the Miami being plug and play with no electrician required, it is a great starting point for families or couples entering the market.

All of our spa range have top quality parts installed, ensuring years of use with an easy to follow maintenance plan. Our hydrotherapy jets screw into the spas jet housing, rather than jets which have two clips locking the jet into the place, this means no fiddly clips that can easily break leading to erratic water flow and the need for a complete replacement part.  The screw in jets also allow our customers to move the jets into optimal position and target specific areas for deep tissue massage without the risk of breaking them. All of our spas come with a mixture of maintenance free massage jets and our pulsating jets are self-cleaning, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Contact us today (07) 3208 4625 for a no obligation delivery quote in your area or shop online. With our customer spa assist program, buying a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas is a risk free investment in quality of life for you and your loved ones.


Botany Classic Spa
Botany Classic Spa
Miami Spa
MIami Spa

Byron 2 & 4 Seater Sauna – Buy Sauna Online

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The sleek design and impressive features of our Byron 2 & 4 seat Saunas make the one of our most popular sellers, especially within the health and fitness industry. These saunas use the latest, cutting edge infrared heating technology to promote increased blood flow providing your body with a much higher chance of restoring aching muscles and joints after exercise. Our Saunas are also perfect for those with existing pain conditions and is designed for easy access and comfort to enable you to enjoy the benefits in a relaxed environment.

With 8 Infrared Heaters, inbuilt CD player and AM/FM radio and aromatherapy shelf, you can set the mood and enjoy the invigorating clean air provided by the air purifier/ioniser. The external and internal lights create atmosphere and ambience, while the full length glass door gives an open feel for those who suffer from restrictive space awareness. Call us today for more information (07) 3208 4625, shop online, or visit our Slacks Creek showroom to see our Byron Saunas on display.

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Byron 2 Seater Sauna
Sauna Brisbane
Byron 4 Seater Sauna

Therapy Benefits – Your New Spa

New Therapy Spa

Hydrotherapy and heated water therapy are routinely used by physiotherapists and holistic practioners alike for pain management, to lower stress levels and also for those diagnosed with pain or movement restricting conditions. Immersion in warm water not only raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate which increases circulation, it also allows the body to heal and restore in a weightless environment with the natural buoyancy of the water taking the strain off aching muscles and joints. This minimizes swelling and stress on those areas increasing mobility.

Our full range of therapy spas are available online or you can see them on display in our Slacks Creek showroom.

Airlie Therapy Spa
Enjoy the benefits of our Airlie Therapy Spa.
Therapy Spa
Relax and Restore in a Therapy Spa.

Happy New Year – New Spa Brisbane

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Happy New Year from the team at Aqua Pulse Spas!

With the December launch of our new range of plug and play spas the Miami and Whitehaven, we have had a very busy end to 2015. This range of spas do not require an electrician for installation, like our saunas, they simply plug in to a standard home power point. With pricing starting at $4999.00, our plug and play range of quality, Australian designed spas are budget friendly and are designed for all climates.
Our new prestige range of spas have also arrived, the Regency and Majestic Designer Spas are our top of the range, Australian designed spas for the discerning buyer. With multi-jet hydrotherapy jets teamed with multiple circulation massage pumps, these spas are where comfort meets luxury with ambience created in the inbuilt waterfall with inbuilt LED lighting for effect. This prestige range of spas is selling fast so call us today to secure yours, we deliver Australia wide.
We have also added the Bondi and Torquay and Noosa to the spa family here at Aqua Pulse Spas, again, these spas have been designed for the ultimate in comfort, packed full of features to ensure resort style living at home. Our spas all feature inbuilt heating, providing warmth and relaxation in winter, or cooling off in summer with variable temperature control.

Visit our Slacks Creek showroom to see our full range, or call us anytime on (07)  3208 4625, we would be happy to answer any questions.


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Miami Spa – New Spa Brisbane
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Regency Designer Spa – New Spa Brisbane