About our products

At Aqua Pulse Spas quality of design and functionality is at the forefront of our spa production. From the initial design process involving ergonomic viability assessment for the shape of our moulded interiors, to the positioning of our variable jet nozzles for enhanced targeting to ensure you get the maximum relaxation, enjoyment an hydrotherapy massage to suit all body types. Our multi layered interior is set in a humidity controlled environment to strengthen the shell which is then placed into position on our reinforced stainless steel frame. At Aqua Pulse Spas we looked at all options, in our experience our stainless steel foundation and equipment mount in second to none as far as longevity and maintenance is concerned with these frames not breaking down as is common with spas built from a timber foundation.

Usability is another feature of our spas that extensive research has played a large part of the design process, we use the American Balboa touch-pad system to ensure you have control at your fingertips enabling you to adjust the settings and control the heating at the touch of a button. All of our spas also include various ambient LED lighting all controlled by you, with some of our spas also featuring inbuilt waterfalls, you'll go home to resort style living every day with a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas.

Contact us today, Michael, Sharyn and the Aqua Pulse Spas team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide more information about our ongoing customer after sales support.